• For the greater part of our business life we’ve used turf from Oz Tuff Turf with excellent results and reliable delivery.

    Peter Moller Designer & Consultant, Lifestyle Solutions
  • I have been dealing with Oz Turf for around ten years and the Oz Tuff Green is the best turf Bill has offered yet! It is an excellent turfgrass variety, it takes well, has terrific colour, requires less mowing and we have had no problems with disease. We have water restrictions in place and the turf seems to be more drought tolerant than other grasses as the area recently established has now received only minimal water over the past 4-5 weeks and it still looks good!

    Mark Hyde Parks and Gardens, Isis Shire Council
  • We installed OZ TUFF at our house on the Gold Coast, the back gets regular use with 4 dogs and it handles it brilliantly, it doesn’t suffer from urine stains and it doesn’t wear out. The front gets parked on by cars regularly and it doesn’t seem to phase the OZ at all, truly hardcore stuff!

    Daniel S Oxenford, QLD
  • We are proud to grow and sell OZ TUFF to our customers, it’s one of the few grasses that we can send out with 100% confidence that there will be no call backs due to quality issues or problems down the track, which is truly a turf farmers dream. Happy Customers = Happy Farmer

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