Below are some examples of where OZ TUFF has been installed with some information about why it was chosen & how it performed over time. These are only a few, we will keep this page updated as new customers select this winning grass for their projects.

2016 – Leighton Boral Amey RAMC head office, Stapylton QLD

The LBA team wanted a nice outdoor green space for their field and office staff, and after giving up on trying to rejuvenate the existing common couch lawn they called in a local turf supplier who suggested that OZ TUFF will likely handle the constant wear and tear & compaction from excessive use, almost 2 years on and their green space is still nice and lush and a great space to be around.

2014 – LNG plant workers camp, Curtis Island, Gladstone QLD

This project had very stringent environmental conditions, the specifications originally called for only a ‘native to Curtis Island’ grass to be installed around the camp area, however it proved impossible to source something that would actually be nice enough to use as a lawn.

The conditions on Curtis Island were not favourable to turfgrass in any way, its soil was lacking nutrients, daily temperatures reached the high 30’s, and there was no irrigation system allowed, so something really tough was needed.

OZ TUFF was suggested by one of the engineers working on the camp who had it installed at his home in Brisbane, he convinced the design team make an exception to the specification on the basis that OZTUFF would handle the conditions, would require very little maintenance and also would not spread to other parts of the island due its limited & sterile seed.

The go ahead was given and the client couldn’t be happier with the result, this is the only patch of ‘real’ grass on the island where the workers can have a sit & relax on their days off & it’s a much nicer run up for their cricket practice nets than bare dirt or asphalt.

 More ‘installed at’ examples coming soon, we’re just busy growing some more legendary OZ TUFF at the moment…