Selected by breeder and ex turf farmer Bill Morrow in 2001 as a superior plant growing amongst green couch in Childers, Queensland, Australia. OZ TUFF® was chosen because of its dense prostrate growth habit, fine leaf, dark green colour and limited seed head production. Such characteristics are rarely seen in Australian or international green couch (bermudagrass) varieties.

For the last 15+ years OZ TUFF® has been very successful across all markets, it has seen a huge amount of use in many foreshore areas where other varieties just can’t handle the salinity levels, many sports fields, park land areas, roadsides and of course the residential market loves it due to its easy low maintenance properties.

Today OZ TUFF® is produced and sold by 7 turf farms across Queensland and 3 more across New South Wales and Victoria. If you would like to get in contact with your local grower please visit our FIND A SUPPLIER page

Intellectual Property and Plant Protection

OZ TUFF® is currently protected by Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) in Australia and by the United States Plant Patent (USPP) in the USA.